Customerville blends technology, art and behavioral science to deliver surveys customers love and insights employees take to heart.

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People will be asked for feedback via a survey a quarter of a trillion times this year. ​ Most surveys are terrible, which has driven survey response rates down from 36% to a mere 6% today. Here are some leading brands who overcome this by using Customerville’s Design-driven Feedback platform.​

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Design-driven Surveys

Create design-driven, interactive surveys that blend art, tech and behavioral science. Customerville surveys get 200-600% higher response rates, plus better stats, stories and photos. Not to mention they represent your brand beautifully. ​

​Integrate Customerville surveys with other platforms such as Clarabridge, NICE or Tableau, or connect them to Live Dashboard™ XM Dashboard.

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Design-driven Live Dashboard™

The best surveys deserve the best dashboard. Live Dashboard puts the story right in the hands of the people who make it happen, in visual ways designed to win engagement.

It’s visual, powerful and comes loaded with all the tools you need to improve customer and employee experience.

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Design-driven Push E-mail Reporting

Own the narrative. Go beyond emailing dry reports. You choose the focus, then let Customerville’s CX story curation tools automatically publish push E-mail designed to win hearts and minds, every day.​

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Interviews Meet CX and EX Leaders Who Choose Customerville

Hear directly from the CX, EX and Insights pros who use Customerville to break through the static to get top quality feedback. You’ll hear first-hand about Customerville’s Implementation & Program Management, program results, and the difference superior quality feedback makes in their organizations.

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Dimitris Bountolos
Chief Information & Innovation Officer
"If you’re focused on making enterprise feedback human for the customer and the employee, Design-driven Feedback is a must read."
Ruth Crowley
VP of Merchandise & Brand Strategy
"[Customerville] takes a sometimes complex conversation and makes it actionable in a beautiful and innovative way."
Blake Emory
Director of Differentiation Strategy
"Anyone who cares about getting and using good customer feedback will benefit from these principles."

Sobre Customerville

Customerville transforma las encuestas de experiencia del cliente en experiencias interactivas y enriquecedoras utilizando su exclusiva plataforma Design-driven Feedback™.  Pionero en el campo de CX, Customerville participó en las primeras encuestas de CX en tiempo real en Internet.

Hoy en día, las plataformas de Feedback basadas en Design-driven Technology Stack™ se pueden encontrar en una docena de industrias, millones de interacciones con clientes y en más de 20 países. La galardonada plataforma CX de Customerville eleva la calidad de escucha a lo largo de todo el Customer Journey, combinando tecnología, diseño y ciencia del comportamiento para emular la forma en que la gente comparte y responde a los comentarios de forma natural.

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