“The implementation process of our surveys was just fantastic. Great advice and great guidance...”
Nick Macfarlane
Head of Customer Experience
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The world’s leading relationship-focused brands use Customerville

People will be asked for feedback via a survey a quarter of a trillion times this year. ​ Most surveys are terrible, which has driven survey response rates down from 36% to a mere 6% today. Here are some leading brands who overcome this by using IFS’ Design-driven Customerville platform for feedback.​

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Lisa Oswald
SVP, Global Customer Service
Much higher-quality feedback, and much more of it.

Travelzoo rebooted their VOC program with customerville, driving a 350% increase in survey response rates (from 8% to 35-39%) and a 68% increase in service reps achieving elite performance level bonuses.

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Dayton Hansen
Director of Student Engagement
I believe in the product, I believe in what Customerville can do.

Improved feedback quality from students about what wasn’t working helped Pearson respond and react to 132 Red Flag responses indicating high likelihood of student churn, potentially averting an estimated loss of $2.3 million in enrollment revenue.

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Closing the Loop
Winning Hearts On The Front Line
Being Competitor Aware, Customer Obsessed

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Chad Bailey
VOC Program Director
Since launching the program we’ve received over 70,000 pieces of feedback from our members. We didn’t get anything close to that before.

Premera Blue Cross integrated Customerville with a host of data systems to provide a rich feedback experience that follows members through customer journeys that can last for years.

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Better Surveys Drive Better Quality
Our Members Love Our Surveys
The quality of the feedback wins employee hearts

Nick Macfarlane
Head of Customer Experience
Content is King... If you can’t engage the readers of your insights in a way that makes them want to stick with you… then you’re not going to be as effective in that role.

Sky’s interactive Customerville survey introduces their employees -- fans themselves -- to build a sense of community connection with their subscriber base. They leverage that quality feedback to focus the organization on the changes which are most important to great CX.

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Superior Survey Quality
Engaging Employees in VOC
Customerville Clarabridge Integration
Kurt Lipson
Global Direct-to-Consumer Operations
We see a lot of our customers [sharing] pictures of themselves wearing our products... These are really important, emotional stories that we can share within the business… knowing that there’s a greater purpose to the work that we do every day.

UGG leverages customer stories to create a sense of customer connection with E-commerce employees, who might not ever be face-to-face with a customer.

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Customer Lifetime Value

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