Design-driven Live Dashboard™

The best surveys deserve the best dashboard. Live Dashboard puts the story right in the hands of the people who make it happen, in visual ways designed to win engagement.

It’s visual, powerful and comes loaded with all the tools you need to improve customer and employee experience.

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Designed to Scale.

Live Dashboard™ is easy to use. It comes ready with robust reports and tools to leverage stats, stories, and photos, and it's all "drillable" based on your organizational hierarchy. ​

Built-in Social-style Curation Tools

surface the stories that count, building and keeping momentum in your organization.​

Closed-loop & ​Process Improvement Tools

​ turn insights into tangible actions to recover individual customers and drive systemic improvement projects. ​

Text Analytics + Deep Filtering

are already included, using sentiment scoring by category.​​
Words Shared Per Survey Avg. improved from 18 to 117 words.​
1% 23%
More Human % of surveys that recognize an associate by name.​
“Customerville coached us through launching our survey across 64 countries in under 8 weeks, and the results make a real difference in shaping how we continue to deliver value to our customers.”​
Paul Helms
Global SVP Customer Success