A Customer Experience Vlog with Max Israel

Season 2 | Episode 8: CX Fatigue Part I: How Companies Wear Out Their Customers available now!

Measuring customer feedback is now part of the experience.

424,780,041 Customer experiences shared using our platform

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People will receive over 250 Billion requests to take a survey this year.

It’s no wonder that response rates are down and frustration is up. B2B or B2C, solving for this is what we do – for some of the best brands and enterprises in the world.

Customerville weaves survey questions tailored to your customers’ experience into your brand story using a proven blend of creative design, technology and behavioral science. The result is an award-winning feedback experience that engages customers and builds your brand. And it works flawlessly on any device, through any channel, and in any language.

The Behavioral Science of CX Feedback

Reporting That Goes Beyond Benchmarks

Live Dashboard™ puts customer survey results to work in your company, at all roles and levels. And our newest version comes loaded with the tools you need to embrace a customer experience culture.

We started by looking at how Customerville clients in over 20 countries use information, praise and critique. Then we put that powerful information to work. The result? An easy-to-use dashboard that implements quickly and integrates with your other systems, arming your managers with more than just management tools. Live Dashboard gives them leadership tools that will become a core part of your business.

Live Dashboard™
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Close the Loop,
Surface the Cause

Whether it’s responding to a service failure, noting an action taken or celebrating a success, Live Dashboard’s tools are carefully designed to create a heightened awareness of trouble points — without demotivating your teams.

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A Single Hub For Your Customer’s Voice

Live Dashboard™ consolidates feedback from Customerville-powered surveys across your organization. Whether we're grading locations, E-commerce sites, individual associates or a blend of these things, it’s all beautifully presented by role and permission.

Expert Support, World Class Results

With Customerville you get more than just the award-winning enterprise feedback platform trusted by companies in over 20 countries. You get a dedicated team of survey experts, systems designers, artists and copywriters all driven by a single mission: to make your enterprise VoC platform tremendously successful. We’ll work with you and your team every step of the way.

Engaging Customers in Sharing Feedback


An All-In-One Guidebook To Design-driven Feedback™

In an industry that is rapidly evolving, Design-driven Feedback™ provides a unique perspective as to how CX professionals can change their outlook on best practices, strategies and innovation within their organization. Customerville CEO, Max Israel, explores topics ranging from behavioral science to publishing practices to theatre acting techniques that will all play a part in the next generation of customer experience management. Full of fresh new ideas, this publication is sure to turn heads and evoke conversation amongst practitioners and vendors alike within our industry.

About Customerville

Customerville transforms customer experience surveys into rich, interactive experiences using it’s unique Design-driven Feedback™ platform. A pioneer in the CX field, Customerville fielded among the first real-time CX surveys on the internet.

Today, feedback platforms powered by Customerville’s Design-driven Technology Stack™ can be found across a dozen industries, millions of customer interactions and in over 20 countries. Customerville’s award-winning CX platform elevates quality listening across the entire customer journey, blending technology, design and behavioral science to emulate how people naturally share and respond to feedback.

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